Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you accept my insurance?

We participate in a large number of health care plans and will verify benefits before proceeding with any work or obligating a patient to pay fees.

Do you accept Medicare assignment?

We accept “assignment” about 99 % of the time.

Who makes the devices you provide?

The majority of our prosthetic and orthotic devices are fabricated in our labs by our certified technicians and practitioners in order to advance our patients rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

Do you have weekend hours?

No, however, we are on 24-hr. call for the local hospitals and are able to be reached through our answering service any time we are not in the office.

What level of training do your practitioners have?

All of our practitioners have completed a four year baccalaureate degree, been trained in our field of study and passed the standards set fourth by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. (ABC).  We are all required to attend continuing education classes each year in order to maintain our certification.

Is there a charge for office visits?

No, consultations are free.  You are only billed for the devices we fabricate or provide and follow up appointments are built into the fee schedule.  Also we will always discuss all fees with a patient before billing for them.