New product for drop foot patients: TurboMed FS3000

I was recently introduced to the TurboMed FS3000 via some promotional information forwarded to me by our area representative. Always skeptical, I watched some of their YouTube videos and saw patients with obvious deficits benefiting from this brace with remarkably improved gait. While the design looks to be a little “bulky” as it is attached to the exterior of the shoe, the function is very appropriate for patients with drop foot. The brace encourages closer to normal, efficient gait while providing some medial lateral stability as well. Because it is not fitted inside of the shoe, corrective arch supports (foot orthotics) may be used in conjunction with the brace and the patient will not find it necessary to purchase larger shoes to accommodate the brace.

While there are some requirements regarding the specifications of the shoes used, I have found this to work on a wide range of footwear and patients are always counseled about specifics during the initial evaluation.

The material is plastic and can be massaged with heat to “hug” the shoe as intimately as possible. The plastic is durable and not prone to fracture or failure of any kind. But in the event of a any kind of material failure, the brace is basically composed of 4 components that can be replaced if necessary.

While the TurboMed FS3000 is a wonderful product, it is not a blanket replacement for all Ankle Foot Orthoses. It is intended to be used on patients who have drop foot but with in tack knee stability.

ALOC will be happy to evaluate and advise all who may be interested.

Before TurboMed FS300

After TurboMed FS300